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Nappy Bag Essentials - What to Pack in your Baby Bag

Baby Bag, Nappy Bag, What to pack in your baby bag -

Nappy Bag Essentials - What to Pack in your Baby Bag

We all know that leaving the house with a baby or toddler is not an easy feat - some days we take half the house with us, with each child (I have two) needing a train, a couple of lego pieces or a book to tag along… not to mention everything I need to pack in the baby bag to make sure they are accommodated for our trip to the store, playground or beach picnic. 

Low and behold, I always seem to forget something, most likely not generally needed but on that specific day, it would have been helpful to have.

So in order to not shoot myself in the foot again, and to hopefully help mums and dads who are like me, I have a neat little list of essentials that I always  pack in our nappy bag.


First and foremost, a comfortable Diaper Bag is a must!  I love these LeQueen Nappy Bags from DEJ Kids as it allows me to have both hands and arms unobstructed.  The one shoulder diaper bags usually gets in the way and tends to fall down when I am picking up my toddler, sliding down my arm and bashing the poor child. 

The backpack style baby bag distributes the weight across both shoulders which makes it so much more comfortable to carry on those longer outings.  As an added bonus I can hang it on our stroller and it has loads of storage (more than 12 pockets) so can fit everything we need when leaving the house. 

Baby Bag LeQueen 


The next must-have items in your diaper bag will vary a bit according to the child’s age and personal preferences but below is a general guide of items to consider:


  • Nappies!!! What is a baby bag without nappies?  A useless one, so pack enough nappies for a nuclear meltdown (yes, it will be THAT day that your baby poops 10 times so be prepared.  I once had to ask a mom at the library if I could grab a nappy from her because my son decided to have 2 more poops than usual.  Be prepared.


  • Wipes, one bag in your nappy bag, one in the bottom of your stroller and 2 in the car, trust me… These reusable wet wipe pouches from DEJ Kids make it easy to buy a bulk pack of wet wipes and divide and store it everywhere for quick and easy access.

 Nappy Bag Baby Changing Mat


  • A Changing Mat makes it much more comfortable to change your baby anywhere anytime. This waterproof cotton changing mat from DEJ Kids is lovely and is nice and slim so does not take up much space in your baby bag.  It is also very easy to clean when you get some poop or wee on there 🤣  


  • Bum Cream - nobody wants a baby with a burnt red bum, and it happens at the most unexpected times.


  • A reusable Wet Bag or even 2 or 3! 1 for wet or dirty clothing, 1 for dirty diapers and 1 for dirty pacifiers and/or nipple shields.  They great for keeping messes contained and I love that they are an eco friendly alternative to using single use plastic bags.  Check out these cute wet bag print options.


  •  A Multi-function cover - this is a game changer! I didn’t know these existed with my first baby, but I was gifted one for my second baby and WOW!  For me breastfeeding in public was a bit challenging (though it is very accepted nowadays, I still don’t want to have a boob scandal, and needed myself and my baby to feel a little bit more private while feeding). 

    When breastfeeding, just pull the cover down and around, then use it as a scarf on the crisper days.  Wrap baby in it and/or use it while shopping to cover the trolley once baby can sit up.  It also functions as a baby carrier or stroller cover to help create a darker and more restful area for bubs to nap. The possibilities are endless with this useful piece of material!  Check out these beautiful designed multi-function covers

 Breastfeeding cover


  • Baby carrier - yes I have forgotten this handy gadget a few times - pack it in or strap it to your Nappy Bag!

 Baby carrier


  • Muslin blankets and burp cloths - I put 3 or 4 in, when dirty they go into a wet bag. Use them for burping, as a nice cozy blanket or protection from the sun. This cute little Transport design is my favorite and its' awesome size makes it perfect for swaddling. 

Muslin Blanket Swaddle DEJ Kids


  • Hand sanitizer


  • Bottles and formula if need and/or Baby food


  • Teethers and/or small toys


  • Sunscreen


  • And 4 changes of clothes (including a set for your as you are likely to get some type of bodily fluid on you) and something warm.


Last but not least (especially if you have a toddler) Snacks, snacks and more snacks!  Do not, I repeat do not get caught without - always have something you can pop in their mouths to give you time to think about your next move on your mission.


Let us know in the comments if there is any other essentials that you have on your baby bag packing list…


Written by Dandy Swanks Snaps (Product photography and content creation)


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