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The Baby Products I Used Most!

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The Baby Products I Used Most!


Having a new baby can be OVERWHELMING, there are a million products on the market and it’s hard to know which ones you really need right?

With my first baby I bought EVERYTHING, you could have sold me anything at that point. It was a great way to work out what I really needed and which products truly helped me with my baby. When baby number two arrived, I knew exactly which products I needed and which ones I really didn’t!

So if you are a bit like I was and are overwhelmed by all of the products on the market, you will find this insider's guide to must-have products for a new Mum super helpful! No bells and whistles, just honest advice from my own experience as a Mum of two! 



My number one recommendation is a good NAPPY BAG that you love!

Seriously, a good nappy bag is a game changer, but the most important thing is POCKETS. I’m not going to lie, being out and about with your new baby can be overwhelming at times and if you don’t have pockets it can become really stressful trying to find the dummy, or nappy or one of the hundred things you need to take.

A good nappy bag allows you to easily fit and access everything you need, stress free no matter where you are! 

I love the DEJ KIDS Nappy Bags because they have a large spacious main pocket which includes side pockets and more than 12 pockets overall to easily separate everything. Plus they look gorgeous, with lots of different patterns to choose from.

You want a bag that is stylish and that you (and your husband) loves, because after all you will be taking it everywhere for several years.


Along with your Nappy Bag, a wet bag is a must have addition. I don’t know what it is but babies seem to hold everything in, until you leave the house. This results in accidents sometimes, having a wet bag ready to go in your nappy bag means you can easily pop the wet or soiled clothes into the wet bag, keeping them together and away from the rest of your goodies until you get home.

Wet bags are also great if you choose to use reusable nappies. I learnt early on that wet or soiled clothes popped straight into your nappy bag is NOT a good idea, I have experienced it so you don’t have to. 



Trust me, baby’s get HEAVY. I think my baby carrier was my most used baby item for both of my babies, you don’t realise until you have a baby how much you need your arms. My baby carrier allowed me to do the things I needed to do when my baby needed holding.

Baby Carriers are great for when you are out and about keeping your baby safe and comforted, but they are also so helpful when you have a grumpy, clingy baby and you need to fold the washing, cook dinner and do all the things we need to do.

Baby carriers allow your baby to have the close contact and comfort they sometimes need, but allow you to move freely and use your arms at the same time. 

I personally recommend this ERGONOMIC 3 IN 1 BABY CARRIER as it has lots of different functions and changes as your baby grows. The front-facing version is great as the baby gets older and wants to check out what’s happening around them but still keep that close contact with you.

I promise you will get so much use out of a carrier.



Speaking from experience, I truly had no idea what was needed for a baby to have a good sleep with my first and tried all the suggestions out there, by my second I was a sleep product expert.

Swaddle wraps or Muslin blankets are always my go to gifts for a new baby because they were so helpful with my own baby. Swaddling babies really helps them sleep, it creates a womb-like comforting feeling and means they are nice and secure and they don’t continuously get startled when they move in their sleep.

I love the cotton swaddle wraps because they are SIMPLE and they make swaddling super easy! I have experienced sleep deprivation with my first and I believe these swaddles made a huge difference in how well and long my second slept.



I’m not sure if it was just me, but nobody ever truly explained to me that when breastfeeding my breasts would leak so often. I really had no idea, so I used disposable breast pads to begin with but found I was going through them quickly which was costing lots of money and they were irritating my already sore breasts.

I made the switch to reusable breast pads and loved them. They were so much more comfortable to wear and were much softer on my skin. I wore them for many months and they saved me lot’s of what would have been embarrassing leaky moments.

I loved how I could just wash and reuse them, saving us lots of money. Not to mention the patterns are way more appealing then standard white reusable ones! 

I hope this list from my experience has helped you become more informed with what products really helped me as a new Mum. You don’t need much, but there are a few products that will really change your experience and make having your new baby a lot easier. 

I wish you all the best in this exciting new journey, while there is lot’s of wet bags needed and leaking breasts, it is the most beautiful and special time of your life. 

Enjoy x 

Bec Williams (Mum of 2)

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