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Lunchbox hacks for fussy eaters!

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Lunchbox hacks for fussy eaters!


Do you struggle with having a fussy eater? Are lunch times an anxious struggle?

It can be really difficult having a fussy eater, you constantly worry whether or not they are getting the correct nutrients, meal times become stressful and you worry about judgement.

We always say - all you can do is your best and the best thing you can do is support your child and their needs.

Our experience with fussy eaters has allowed us to try a few different tricks, so we thought we should share them with you, because we know how hard it can be!


Shop for lunchbox foods with your fussy eater:

Create a lunchbox food list together, separate this list into all the food groups you want your child to be eating at lunchtime, for example, protein, fruit, diary, carbohydrates. Sit with your child and help them choose what items from each food group they are going to get for their lunchbox this week.

Then take them lunchbox food shopping with you, let them take their list and get their own items and put them in the trolley.

This seems to really help lots of fussy eaters as they feel they have control over what they are eating and they are then more likely to try new foods in their lunchboxes.

Kids lunchboxes outdoors


Download your free shopping list template here


Keep foods separated:

Fussy eaters prefer to taste different foods individually. Fussy eaters can often be “suspicious” of new foods in their lunchbox, so we always recommend separating childrens lunch foods by using a bento style lunch box. Bento lunch boxes allow lunch foods to be easily separated and means fussy eaters don’t have to worry about “new” lunch foods touching their familiar foods and making them “not safe”.

Kids Leakproof lunchboxes NZ


It’s all in the presentation:

Fussy eaters often use all their senses when deciding what to eat. Get a lunch box that excites them and present food in a fun way. On our website you can find a range of amazing products to take your lunchbox presentation to the next level and get your fussy eater involved in the fun. Shop our range of cutters, fun food picks, sandwich stamps and edible food pens here.

Kids Lunchbox with compartments


Chop it up:

Making food smaller and chopping it into bite sized bits for your fussy eater will help them to feel less intimidated by the new food. Having a taste is less scary when it’s not a large piece of food. This is particularly helpful when trying to get your fussy eater to try new fruits and vegetables, chop them into bite sized pieces and present them in their lunchbox in a fun way.

Fun kids lunchbox


Add new, one at a time:

Keep the majority of items in the lunchbox familiar foods and add new foods one at a time. This helps them feel safe, less overwhelmed and more willing to give the new food a go. It is also a good idea to involve your fussy eater and let them have control of what the new food will be in their lunchbox, so that again they have some control in the decision.

B.box lunch box


Remember balance:

Try to tick off the key nutrients when packing their lunchbox. Such as quality carbohydrates like fruit and vegetables, some protein and a little healthy fat. But also remember that your child’s lunch box is only part of their diet, so look at the day as a whole to keep a healthy balance. Everyone’s challenges are different so focus on what is important to your family, that may just be getting your child to simply eat or it may be trying to get them to extend their diet and try new foods.

Bento lunchbox for kids


Sprinkle in some love:

By lunch time, our children can be emotional or tired. Adding a sprinkle of love into their lunchboxes can really boost their mood and help them feel motivated to eat. Try adding a little picture or note, a special baked treat or some fun looking food into their bento lunchbox

Bento Snack box for kids


We hope this helped to give you some ideas on how to support your fussy eater at lunchtime.

Products mentioned in this blog are all available on our website under our lunch boxes and food accessories collections.

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