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Kids Lunch boxes

Getting kids to eat their lunches can sometimes be hard - our bento kids lunch boxes nz might be able to help:

- The Individual Compartments keeps food separated, perfect for kids that don't like food to touch

- The Compartments are leak proof which keeps food fresh & allows you to pack a variety of food types that kids will love eating

Pair them with our Food Accessories including our popular sandwich cutters, cookie cutters, food picks, silicone cupcake moulds or mini loaf moulds and water bottles and pack fun lunches that are hard to resist. 

See video below for lunch box ideas and to get an idea of what fits in our Bitez lunch box while still having some space left over.

See video below showing the components of our Bitez lunch boxes and how they are assembled.


Information regarding our B.box lunch boxes:


 For kids lunch box ideas and recipes click here.


DEJ Kids Kids Lunch boxes New Zealand NZ


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