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It can be really difficult having a fussy eater, you constantly worry whether or not they are getting the correct nutrients, meal times become stressful and you worry about judgement. Our experience with fussy eaters has allowed us to try a few different tricks, so we thought we should share them with you, because we know how hard it can be!

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My boys love a sweet treat in their lunchbox, as all kids do.  But I TRY (in caps yes because it is tricky) to make the treat a little bit healthy and not come out of a store-bought wrapper. A balance between something the kids think is a treat, but doesn’t have tons of sugar and preservatives. I found this recipe a few years ago and we make it often - I love that it is packed with fruits and that they are moist even without icing.  I have adjusted ingredients over time to fit in with our preferences and...

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We all know that leaving the house with a baby or toddler is not an easy feat - some days we take half the house with us, with each child (I have two) needing a train, a couple of lego pieces or a book to tag along… not to mention everything I need to pack in the baby bag to make sure they are accommodated for our trip to the store, playground or beach picnic.  Low and behold, I always seem to forget something, most likely not generally needed but on that specific day, it would have been helpful to...

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Kids Lunch Box Ideas -

Can I be honest and just say I am NOT a fan of cooked oats.  I don’t like warm mushy breakfast food.  Even as a young child, I remember being revolted by the sight and smell.    But now that I have two young boys (that I have to feed 72 times a day), I have grown to love the absolute versatility of this little grain. 

They can be transformed into delicious lunchbox treats that don’t remotely look or taste like what I remember as a kid.  A plain old boring bowl of luke warm porridge can now be something fresh and fruity!

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Kids Lunch boxes NZ, Lunch Box Ideas -

The humble cheese puff is always a favourite in my house and I love it because it so easy and you really don’t need a lot of ingredients. It’s the perfect lunch box filler that can replace the obvious (and boring according to my eldest son) sandwich. 

The base recipe is super simple and you should already have all the ingredients in your pantry.  I double the batch so that we can eat some right out of the oven as a Sunday afternoon snack and the rest are packed in the lunch boxes for the week. 

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