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The Benefits of Bento style lunch boxes!

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The Benefits of Bento style lunch boxes!

You might be wondering what all the fuss over Bento Style Lunch Boxes is and why everyone loves theirs! You are probably thinking how can people get so excited over their children’s lunch boxes right?

That’s why we thought we would write this quick blog on some of the benefits of using our Bento Style Lunch Boxes, so you can understand why our family and so many other families around New Zealand and the rest of the world love their Bento Style Lunch Boxes. 

Our love for using Bento Style Lunch Boxes for our son’s daycare lunch started our whole business and is why we supply high-quality Bento Style Lunch Boxes to New Zealand families so we definitely LOVE a Bento Style Lunch Box, and here are some of the top reasons why!


DEJ Kids Lunchboxes

The Top Benefits of Bento Style Lunch Boxes:


Bento Style Lunch Boxes are designed on multi-compartment Bento Style Boxes from Japan. Bento Style Lunch Boxes have compartments that hold single servings of different foods. The design keeps each compartment sealed, preventing leakage or spilling into other compartments - no one wants youghurt covered crackers right! The compartments mean it’s easy to separate foods and keeps the lunchbox nice and fresh. 

Keeps Food Fresher:

Say bye-bye to soggy sandwiches! The compartments in our Bento Style Lunch Boxes are designed to seal food tight and keep food fresh. Our compartments allow you to put your dry foods in separate compartments to wet foods. For example pop pretzels in one compartment and moist fruits like strawberries in another, because they are separated the pretzels will stay nice and crunchy, while the strawberries won’t end up with salt and crumbs on them. 

DEJ Kids Bento Lunch box

Better for the environment:

One of our favourite benefits of our Bento Style Lunch Boxes is the many ways they help to reduce wastage! By using the compartments in our Bento Style Lunch Boxes you no longer need to use any type of food wrapping, the tight seals keep food safe and the compartments mean the foods don’t touch.

We love that the compartments allow you to empty food in from bulk packaging, meaning less packaging overall and you can dispose of the packaging at home in the correct way, this means fewer packages flying around the schoolyard on a windy day. Because our Bento Style Lunch Boxes are such high quality, they last years meaning you don’t have to continually replace them over and over thereby saving more plastic from going to landfill. 

Great for fussy eaters:

If you’ve read our last blog on fussy eaters you’ll know the benefits of Bento Style Lunch Boxes for fussy eaters. One of the biggest reasons is the compartments that allow food to be separated, fussy eaters often have “safe foods” and when new foods touch their safe foods this can cause some distress.

The compartments also allow you to add small servings of new foods to their lunchboxes without it being overwhelming, with little pieces of different coloured foods it’s an exciting-looking buffet for children. Our Bento Style Lunch Boxes also allow food to be presented nicely which helps children be more willing to try new foods they may not have tried before.

You can add lots of extra little fun things to our Bento Style Lunch Boxes like colourful silicone food cups or food picks to make opening your child's lunch box even more exciting! We love that our Bento Style Lunch Boxes are making eating a fun and exciting experience for New Zealand children. 

Bento lunchbox for kids

Portion control:

Do you struggle with knowing how much of each food type to give your child? Our Bento Style Lunch Boxes are so helpful to be able to visually see portion sizing when packing their lunch. One compartment is one single serving so it’s an easy way to check you have included a serving from each of the main food groups and also that you’re not giving them too many treat servings.

Lunch box ideas B. Box


Easy to wash:

We know parents are busy and lunch boxes can be really tricky to wash, that’s why it was important for us to choose a design that meant washing and drying was simple. With our Bento Style Lunch Boxes, you can simply remove the inner trays and pop them in the dishwasher, while quickly and easily washing the outer box with hot soapy water. The ability to disconnect the inner tray from the outer box means it’s super easy to clean and drip dry making sure no food or moisture gets trapped in the box.


By using a Bento Style lunch box you will no longer have to use an assortment of food wrapping and containers, saving lots of money long term. The high-quality design of our Bento Style Lunch Boxes means they last a long time. You won’t be spending lots of money replacing them over and over. We also offer replacement parts for our lunch boxes including clips, inner trays, and silicone seal lids meaning if one of these breaks over time, you don’t need to replace the whole lunch box! 

They look awesome:

Kids just love our Bento Style Lunch Boxes, not only do the compartments make the food look like a colourful buffet, the lunch boxes themselves come in all sorts of fun colours. We also offer name decals and pictures to make their lunch box even more fun. 

There are so many other great benefits of using our Bento Style Lunch Boxes and they really have made making lunch boxes easier for parents all over New Zealand. We love all the great feedback we receive from happy parents and children, who use and enjoy eating fresh delicious food out of their Bento Style Lunch Boxes every day.

You can learn more about our different Bento Style Lunch Boxes and take a look at all the fun colours on our website now at www.dejkids.co.nz 

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